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No more survivors would come now from the battle – the last brought news of orcs on their trail, and the main army of Sauron mustering behind; they would come to Rohan first, and afterwards sweep west…and there was no force strong enough to withstand them now – not Mirkwood, not Erebor, not Lothlórien, not Rivendell, so certainly not Edoras, all her youth and strength spent against the darkness already.

Eowyn knew there had been times in the past that Middle Earth faced a darkness which seemed unassailable – finally here was one which truly was…maybe the Edain of the First Age would have faced this as her uncle and brother, stoic and determined as they made their last ride – but what about their women, who weren’t allowed to face it that way?

Then Eowyn knew what to do: gathering the people together, she ordered fire brought, and told them all, ‘I will not see orcs throwing our flags into the mud, or dark things seated where our children played and my uncle sat on his throne – we will not let them take Meduseld; we will see her burn first, and as our mother Aerin took her halls from the hands of the Easterlings, and vanished out of history, so shall we.’

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